Is the Byrna legal in Canada?

Yes.  The Byrna may be imported into Canada and may be purchased by Canadian citizens and residents.

Is the Byrna considered a firearm in Canada?

Yes.  The Byrna launchers are considered firearms under the Canadian Criminal Code, however, they are EXEMPT from licensing requirements because the Byrna has a firing velocity below 500 ft/sec (150 meters/sec). 

Is the Byrna considered a prohibited weapon or a replica firearm in Canada?

No.  Because the Byrna launchers are “exempt” firearms, they are not considered a “prohibited weapon” or a “replica firearm” and not subject to the restrictions on prohibited weapons and replica firearms.

Can I carry the Byrna in a concealed manner when outside of my home?

No.  Byrna launchers are for home defense and may not be carried in a concealed manner out in public.  Further, Byrna launchers may not be used against a person except in self-defense.  Certain Municipalities have additional restrictions one where and when a device such as the Byrna may be carried by a consumer.

Can the Byrna be used for self-defense?

While the Byrna is legal in Canada, it should only be used for lawful purposes, including training and legitimate instances of self-defense.  Like any other weapon, be it a hammer, knife or baseball bat, the Byrna should never be brandished or used in a threatening manner, except as necessary in the defense of oneself or others.   

Can I buy chemical irritant rounds for use with the Byrna?

No.  Chemical irritant rounds (Byrna Pepper and Byrna Max) are banned “prohibited weapons” and as such are not offered in Canada.  There is no prohibition regarding the importation or sales of Byrna Kinetic, Byrna Eco-kinetic or Byrna Training Rounds.


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