Byrna 8 Gram CO2 Cartridges + Oiler Cartridge

8 Gram CO2 Cylinders are only compatible with the Byrna SD.

*Not compatible with Byrna SD Launchers with Byrna Boost Installed

Our box of ten 8g CO2 cylinders are custom fit for the Byrna SD Launcher. Now including 1 CO2 cylinder with oil for simple maintenance every 10 CO2 cylinders used. Each cylinder (new) will be good for 15-20 rounds at full speed.

It is recommended to keep an unpunctured cylinder in your launcher at all times for self-defense purposes. Punctured cylinders within your Byrna Launcher will leak over time.

At this time we do not ship any products to:

  • Hawaii

  • Manhattan, NY

  • Bronx, NY

  • Brooklyn, NY

  • Queens, NY

  • Staten Island, NY

  • Yonkers, NY

  • Washington, D.C.

  • San Francisco, CA


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