So You Don't Want a Gun in the House

First and foremost, this is not an opinion on owning guns. That’s a decision that every person has the right to make for themselves. To the millions of people who own and are comfortable with firearms, they have chosen to take the risks associated with having a firearm in the home, and that is their choice.

But for the people that aren’t comfortable having a gun in the home, there are other solutions that may give you comfort from the dangers posed by intruders.

The most common reasons that people give for not wanting to own a gun are:

    • Children in the home

    • Lack of familiarity with firearms

    • Registration and licensing process

Responsibility of owning and/or having to actually use a weapon for self-defense

It is to this group of people that we speak to in this post.

For people who don’t want to own an actual firearm, but want to be able to defend themselves or their family, there is another alternative. The Byrna HD non lethal device can be the perfect solution for your security concerns. For starters, it’s not a “firearm”, meaning that it is not classified as such and is, in fact, categorized as a non-lethal device. At the same time the Byrna HD is a powerful deterrent device.

Firing chemical rounds, effective at a distance of up to sixty feet, it immediately disables any threat. The balls fired by the Byrna HD rupture on impact and release incapacitating chemicals to the target, allowing you to get away and get help. The person you shoot is not going to be able to go anywhere – coughing, choking, loss of vision – however, at the same time, they will live.

With Byrna HD, you can have the same peace of mind about your ability to defend yourself and your home, without having to have an actual gun in your house. Because it’s powered by CO2, and fires only non-lethal rounds, it’s not considered a firearm and therefore requires no registration or licensing to own. If you have children in the home, the Byrna HD can give you the comfort of knowing that if in the wrong hands, loss of life will not occur. It only takes a little time for those not familiar with firearms to be confortable firing the Byrna HD with great accuracy, especially because it comes with inert rounds to be used for practice.

So, if you don’t want a gun in your house, but still want maximum personal defense protection, Byrna HD is a great choice.


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