New Device To Keep Your Home Safe

[copied from original post on Commercial Construction & Renovation]

It comes to no surprise that everyone wants to protect their family from burglaries and break-ins. This is why many families move to safer neighborhoods and install alarm securities. But is that enough?

The safety experts at Byrna HD, the ultimate safety device that is designed as the alternative and effective solution to stop attackers immediately, say we can do more.

Each year, there are 2.5 million burglaries, and 66% of those are home break-ins. In fact, every 13 seconds, a burglary occurs. According to the FBI, more than half of burglaries happen between 6am-6pm and last about 8-10 minutes. We’ve sadly seen what can happen in just a few minutes. Allowing the bad guys to have a whole 8 minutes can lead to a lot of damage, and even casualties.

So what’s the solution? Bryna HD might be! Byrna HD is lightweight, non-lethal, and is CO2-powered, meaning it doesn’t require any licensing to own. It delivers a powerful combination of pepper spray and tear gas up to 60 feet away. For non-launcher owners, there’s a laser accessory for accuracy.

This means, families can have their Bryna HD stored safely, and within arm’s reach, should a situation need it. It instantly disarms the intruder. Does NOT cause any causalities or serious harm. It also provides the gift of time, allowing the homeowner to call 911 and authorities to arrive on the scene.


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