From self-defense to successful side hustle

If the name ‘Bob Brayton’ is familiar, it is because you’ve probably seen his viral video online.

Just four days after receiving his Byrna, Brayton said he had to use it against an intruder. Brayton was sitting at home when a man walked right up and forced his way through the front door. Thankfully, Brayton had his Byrna by his side and with strong verbal commands he backpedaled the man out of his home.

The entire incident was captured on Brayton’s surveillance system. He uploaded it online and it has since been viewed nearly two million times across various platforms.

It was a reaction he didn’t expect but one that opened the doors to a lucrative side hustle.

His video caught the attention of Byrna Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer Luan Pham. While speaking to Pham, Brayton mentioned he was sending new customers to the Byrna website. However, the two saw a bigger opportunity and Pham suggested he become a dealer.

After a simple process, Brayton was well on his way to starting his business.

“It took me two weeks of solid setup,” Brayton said, as he explained setting up his business for events and putting up a website, something that is optional for new dealers.

“After that, I could manage it with a real job. I give 100% to my real job and 100% to fulfilling my Byrna customers as well.”

With Brayton’s full-time job, he can attend gun shows on weekends. He spends roughly $300-500 for his setup which includes electronics, power, and displays, but quickly earns his investment back in the first hour. Plus, he does everything “as a one-man show” keeping everything else that he earns in his pocket.

“I make the money I spend on a gun show back in one hour and the rest is Bob money,” Brayton said with a laugh.

The response to Byrna has been overwhelming as he sells to gun owners, law enforcement, and others who prefer less-lethal options.

“There are three responses that I get. ‘I don’t need a paintball gun.’ My answer, 'it's not a paintball gun.' It is something that you can utilize for self-defense. That usually gets them thinking, ‘well wait a minute, I do live in California,’ he said.

Brayton said there are others with a concealed carry permit who choose a less-lethal weapon as their first line of defense, and he gets a lot of law enforcement officials who walk away with a Byrna.

Even Brayton’s wife is like many customers he interacts with. “As my wife tells me, she isn’t comfortable with a firearm. If it gets taken away from her, she is dead. If this gets taken away, then she may be in pain for three to four hours, but she will get over it.”

“There is a lot of justification for non-lethal in California and everywhere else,” he said.

Brayton said he suggests Byrna as a side hustle, and to take it from him, a man who has ventured into a lot of businesses, this one pays off greatly. In a matter of three months as a dealer, Brayton has been able to earn his investment back and then some. Although, he chooses to keep his entire earnings private, he has moved over 100 units himself.

Now, Brayton is looking towards his future with Byrna as he plans to open a retail shop and training facility from his successful business.

For anyone who is considering a side hustle with Byrna, he does have one piece of advice, “make sure your shelves stay stocked, or you’re going to be sitting in open waters.”

If you are interested in starting a lucrative side hustle with Byrna, fill out the form below:


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