How Your Byrna 12-Gauge Less-Lethal Kinetic Round is Tested

The Byrna 12 ga Less-Lethal Kinetic Round is one the most technologically advanced rounds to ever be launched out of a shotgun barrel. Byrna tested 10s of thousands of these rounds during development and continues to test batches of these shells from every production run here at our manufacturing facility in Fort Wayne Indiana.

This testing is done in accordance with ASTM standards to assure consistent velocity and accuracy from batch to batch. While Byrna commonly uses shotguns from various manufacturers for testing, today will be using the Mossberg 590 A1, and shooting at a distance of 65 feet.

And as we can see, these rounds, definitely pass the test. So now, when you’re loading those Byrna 12 ga Less-Lethal Kinetic rounds in your shotgun, you can be confident in knowing that if the time comes, you are prepared to defend


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