Former NBA player Mychal Thompson trusts Byrna for protection

Former NBA Player Mychal Thompson equipped himself with a Byrna for personal protection.

Thompson joined Mason & Ireland on ESPN LA on Wednesday.

Listen to the episode here (Thompson mentions Byrna at 23:46).

On the show, he shared he recently purchased a Byrna, a weapon that will "stop you in your tracks."

He said, "if anybody is in your house, an intruder, it doesn't kill them. But if it explodes on their chest or any part of bodies, gets in their eyes, believe me, all they can do is ride on the ground in extreme pain until the cops get there."

Thompson said he wouldn't want to kill anyone that gets into his house, but would want to stop them.

He said the Byrna, "is the real deal will definitely stop any intruder in his tracks."

Self Defense Has A New Hero.


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