Byrna Pro Tip: Tactical Reloads

On today’s tip video we are going to talk about how to tactically reload your Byrna and show you a drill that you can perform to increase your reload speed and efficiency.

Its important to be consistent when reloading the magazine of your Byrna in order to build a good foundation for both training and real world applications.

While staying focused on our target, we’ll bring the launcher up to eye level and eject the empty magazine using the magazine release. As we retrieve our full magazine, I’m going to place my index finger along the spine of the magazine.

This helps me orient the magazine correctly and also protects the ejector bar from being accidentally pressed and ejecting the rounds.

After inserting the magazine the launcher is already in a position to turn and punch straight out to readdress the targets. In this drill we will need 2 magazines, each loaded with one round. I’ll fire the first round, conduct a magazine change, and then fire the second round.

Repeating this drill and focusing on being very deliberate with the reload will undoubtedly increase your speed.


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